The Holt

The Holt was the marriage home of George. L. Mallory and his beloved wife Ruth from 1914 until George’s disappearance and death in June 1924. Gifted to the couple by Ruth’s father, Hugh Thackery Turner, upon their marriage on July 29th 1914 along with an annual income of £750 it was located close to the Turner family estate in Godalming, Surrey.

Mallory and Ruth spent many years creating happy memories at The Holt, where on September 19th 1915, Ruth gave birth to their first child, a girl who they named Francis Clare. At the time George was working as a teacher at Charterhouse, having completed his studies at the Magdalene College, Cambridge.

In December 1916, George signed up to serve with the Royal Artillery and help the war effort in France having watched his brother, close friends and favourite students already enlist earlier that year. Throughout, 1916 to 1918, George and Ruth’s time together at The Holt were very sparse but on September 16th 1917, the house welcomed the birth of their second child, another girl who they named Beridge Ruth Mallory whilst Mallory was posted to work back in safety of London on a year’s posting before returning to the front line again in September 1918.

George returned to his wife and two children in January 1919 and spent the next five years of his life living happily at The Holt and welcoming their third child on the 21st August 1920, a son who they named John Mallory.

The Holt is a beautiful example of Victorian architecture and now the home of the Jordan family who have restored it to a high standard.