Chairman – Captain Anthony Harrison

Vice Chairman – John Unterhalter MSc FRICS

Treasurer – Councillor Charlotte Leach

Secretary – Rosemarie Colton BSc MRICS

Lead Researcher – Sarah Wenig

About our Trustees:


For our Chairman, Capt Anthony Harrison this is the second memorial project he has embarked on. In 2016 at the age of 30, Anthony unveiled the result of his four year project, a central war memorial in the neighbouring Cheshire village of Handforth. The memorial commemorates all those who fell in battle from The Great War in 1914 to the loss of his fellow high school pupil, LCpl Jamie Webb whilst serving in Afghanistan with the Mercian Regiment in 2013.

Anthony’s dedication to the preservation of history led to two additional commemorative pieces in Handforth, marking the centenary of The Great War and the 75th Anniversary of D-Day.
In 2020, combining his two greatest passions; History and Mountaineering, Anthony formed ‘The George Mallory Foundation’ to ensure that the life and legacy of Britain’s Greatest Mountaineer would be captured in time upon the centenary of his fatal summit attempt in 1924.

Anthony is a British Army Captain serving as a Staff Officer for 16 Air Assault Brigade within National Reserve Headquarters in Woolwich.

Captain Anthony Harrison
Handforth War Memorial


Our researcher, Sarah Wenig works for a bookstore in central Manchester whilst also teaching English and yoga. She is also currently finishing her first year of study to be an Osteopath and Massage Therapist.

Sarah grew up in a tiny, sleepy village in the Rhineland, Germany, getting the taste for adventure during annual hiking holidays in the Austrian Alps. She can now be frequently found in British hills and mountains, always in sensible shoes but often performing silly tricks such as headstands or the splits.

It would not be an exaggeration to claim that the Mallory story helped her through the pandemic lockdowns. After reading everything there was to read on George and Ruth Mallory, she was pleased to find Anthony had set up a foundation and that he shared her endless enthusiasm. She quickly decided to become involved as a trustee and lead researcher to explore her instinctive connection, especially to Ruth, and shed more light on the support network that enabled Mallory to pursue his passion for climbing and mountaineering.

Sarah Wenig